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    Gateway Remote question


      Hi there...quick question...does anyone know how to set my gateway remote up so master control turns on both my tv (LG) & sound bar (Yamaha) at same time? It used to but for some reason it does not seem to turn my sound bar on at the same time anymore...

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          Ensure both the LG tv and the Yamaha power bar are turned on.

          Hold Menu+OK until power flashes twice.

          Enter "30176" on your Gateway MP2000 remote

          Then press power on the MP2000 remote, and they both should turn off.


          This configuration though will always turn them both on and off. Compared to our Atlas remotes where you can turn each on/off seperately, the MP2000 is both same time, or just the TV.


          If you're still having issues, there are more codes you can try at http://www.urcsupport.com/html.php?page_id=672


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            Hello bieliquist


            Instructions for setting up a secondary device can be found here https://community.shaw.ca/docs/DOC-1041.  Just click on the picture of your remote and it will take you to that section.


            Please let us know if you have any further questions.




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              Heather, thank you for your response, but I have to say DUH!!!! If you think I didn't START there then really, how do you think I got to this point?...for heavens sakes...don't send me a link to something I likely already found on your site...Gateway graham, thank you for telling me exactly how to do it...worked like a charm!

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                Without saying what you already did/followed, it isn't known, and many people don't look before...

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                  HI graham, I thank you for the clear instructions...worked like a charm but, only thing is now my device will not control the volume on my sound bar at all..

                  i Went to this like http://www.urcsupport.com/html.php?page_id=675 and followed instructions...I also tried resetting everything using the 9999 and then re-inputting the tv code first (11423) and then the Yamaha sound bar (30176) and then holding the MENU+OK and 9933 but still boot controlling my volume...any suggestions would be appreciated  

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                    Sorry for the delayed response.

                    I would go through and wipe the remote again with menu+ok, then 9999.

                    Re-input the menu+ok, 11423 to program tv first.

                    Then use the Search feature on the remote and try that way.

                    Menu+OK >> then type in 9-9-1, then press 3 to search for audio code >> then slowly press the UP cursor arrow until the sound bar turrns off.

                    I say slow, just because yes you are searching through possibly hundreds+ codes for audio devices, but also potentially if you turn the sound bar off successfully, then press the UP arrow again and it programs to the next code, we may have to start over again.

                    Then once you turn sound bar off with the MP2000 remote successfully, manually turn the LG tv off.

                    Then with both devices off, turn them both on, just by pressing the power on MP2000, and test volume.

                    You may need to disable some audio settings on the tv so there is no conflictions, which unfortunately is unsupported but Shaw, and/or the sound bar, due to liability, and the lack of training of course on 3rd party equipment.

                    But most of all, we cannot guarantee this will work 100%, as there is only a limited amount of codes within the remote, and I have never heard of a remote update through Shaw or URC before. And as the 5 digit codes the Gateway uses are limited, and as there are hundreds of new pieces of equipment in production each day we cannot keep up with the thousands of codes out there.

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                      gateway_graham,  why don't you post more often.  Like jetranger you seem to know of what you speak.

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                        Well I am beginning to post during my down time at work, and some outside of the workplace.

                        I have been with the company for a couple years, and specializing in the Gateway for almost a year and a half.

                        This product has certainly grown, and continues to do so. So I just want to provide another avenue to provide the correct and prompt information for all as I feel for something moving forward with the company we must make sure that all are running to their fullest potential. 

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                          You're a breath of fresh air compared to all the negativity on forums regarding the Gateway system.