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Series Randomly doesn't record???

Question asked by scottm on Oct 22, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2013 by [shaw]heather

I've noticed recently that when going through the future recordings list that some of the series we record will be marked with a will not record flag, or in more descriptive terms a red circle with a slash through it.  I have in the past when encountering this just selected the show from the list and directed it to record, there by changing the icon to the regular solid red record circle.  However, the last two shows that I've done that with, while showing the red record circle (after changing it from the will not record circle with slash) still didn't record.


The two shows in question were Bones on FoxHD on October 14, and then again yesterday (October 22) Sleepy Hollow, same channel.  So, my question is two parts...


First, why is the machine randomly flagging series that are brand new, have no conflicts and have recorded most other times with the will not record flag?


And second, why after marking it record anyway, again with no conflicts or reasons, doesn't the show record????



I shouldn't have to go in and as the machine to record an episode of a series recording I have had set ever, especially if it's marked new.  Also, if it's marked to record something a second time...why isn't it recording?  Why so random?  I don't understand.  I am remarkably frustrated by the PVR (DCX3400-M).  Please help.