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Constant disconnecting over the last few weeks

Question asked by buzzard777 on Oct 23, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by shaw-matt
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I've just about had it with the poor quality I'm receiving yet again. If not slow internet, it's something else. Finally my internet speeds are usable. But after nearly a month ago, I've been slapped in the face with constant disconnects. Shaw has been literally one problem after another.


Here is the most detailed explanation I can give of the problem:

First off, my modem is a Cisco DPC3825. I'll be in a skype call and my ping will either spike ridiculously high to the point where I'm hearing random fragments of laggy voice or the call will just disconnect altogether. Skype will show that it's offline and a few seconds later windows will say the same. After that, all the lights on my modem will go out except the first one. The DS/US lights will flash and become solid until the online light which will continuously blink for up to minutes at a time. After a while, all the lights will flash orange for a second and go back to normal, along with my internet. This mostly happens between 5pm and midnight.


I had this problem a few times in the past but it went away on its own. A while after that issue ceased, I had a shaw tech booked to help with slow internet issues and I mentioned the disconnects to him. He kindly replaced all of our splitters in the house with newer, higher quality ones to improve the levels. That was 2-3 months ago. And now just recently this problem resurfaced and won't let up.


On another note, It doesn't seem like I'm the only person getting this. I've read forum posts of this happening to others around the same time it started for me. So why has this gone on for so long? I think the odds of the issue being on our end at this point are dwindling the more you look around the forum.