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Why can't I record The Walking Dead as a series recording on a 3510?

Question asked by dhuhtala on Oct 25, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2013 by dhuhtala

I have tried for weeks to get this to work and it will not!  I have several series recordings working now and it just doesn't work!  The first time I tried, it says the recording has been scheduled, but it never started recording.  Then I noticed it's not listed in the Series Recordings section so I tried it again - same result.


I left it for a while and just came back to it and every time I try to record now, it gives me an error that says the recording cannot be scheduled - with no other information.  Then I have to turn the box off to clear the error message!


Every time I try to record at various times, it automatically flips back to recording the 7:00-8:01 time on channel 39, regardless of the time I choose - which is a conflict with other recordings.


What is wrong with this box?  I've tried restarting it several times and it never works...I clearly can't rely on this to consistently record my shows...not impressed!