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Guide for Sportsnet World

Question asked by mcdermota on Oct 26, 2013
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I can see from previous questions posted on this from earlier in the year that there has been an issue with the guide for Sportsnet World. These questions were posted back in Feb/March. Has there been any resolution since? I recently changed my providers (last provider did not have any issues with the guide) and if I had of known this I have to admit it may have affected my decision to change to Shaw.


Currently I am seeing on my guide "To be Announced" instead of the actual name of the show and the timing is all wrong. If i record all of them I end up with bits of shows even though Shaw Connect TV guide online is correct. I called the service desk, they didnt know anything about this been a "Known Issue" or if they did they didnt tell me. I booked a service call and the technician came out and after an hour we found out there is nothing he can do about it.



Can someone please help?