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Gateway stalls while scrolling menu also while skipping

Question asked by sizzix on Oct 26, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2013 by sizzix

While watching something recorded we use the skip button to pass over commercials or anything we want to move past and we have it set to 30 second increments. So we need to click it a few times to pass over 2-3 minutes of commercials BUT after 3 clicks the system stalls and becomes unresponsive to the remote. After a few seconds it begins to work again only to repeat the issue again. We experience the exact same issue when scrolling through the program guide.


The Shaw tech I spoke with suggested powering off the unit for 45 seconds and then back on - this did help but only for a short while and then the lagging or stalling returns.


We did not have this issue for the first couple of months that we owned the system and I'm pretty sure that this issue began after there was a system update/firmware thing that Shaw implemented for us.


Does anyone else have this issue and does anyone have a solution? Thanks for your help!