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Ping Spikes

Question asked by bwitherow on Oct 27, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by bwitherow

We recently switched from a SaskTel internet connection to Shaw, and ever since we switched we've been having some issues.  I'm wondering if anyone has run across this situation (I'll explain):


We had been using SaskTel's 5Mbps down / 0.5 Mbps up connection.  Roughly 600KB/s download and 64KB/s up.  We never really had a problem with performance, latency issues or otherwise (understanding that if someone is downloading a file at the max speed or uploading at the max speed that this causes latency issues for all users).


We recently got Shaw High Speed 20.  I find it odd that when I tried to find the rated speeds for Internet 20, I couldn't find them on Shaw's compare internet packages page.  But my understanding is that it should be 20Mbps down (roughly 2.5MB/s download) and 0.45 Mbps upload (Roughly 57KB/s upload).

So basically, we got faster download speeds, but the upload remained about the same.  We really shouldn't have seen any problems right?


Well, right off the start there were ping problems.  They were common and occurred every few seconds.  But I called into Shaw and they promptly sent a tech over to take a look, and found an issue with the fiber line down the block from the house.  That change I thought had managed to fix everything, because the delays seemed to disappear.


But I was wrong.


I took the time tonight to troubleshoot the connection here, disconnecting all PC's, wifi, and connected just one to do all my tests.  No apps running, and no services running that might use the internet connection.  The ping tests were good.  They stayed at a constant ~60ms to popular servers such as or, and ~1ms to the gateway device (


But, as soon as I load a webpage, the ping spikes dramatically. Even the pings to the Shaw gateway router.


Is it normal to see pings upwards of 2000ms for any of you when simply loading a webpage? ( as an example).


I've attached some screenshots.  I'd be happy to hear other opinions as to what might be going on.