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DNS issue?

Question asked by shawisnotmyfriend on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by chris.s
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Not sure if there is any help for me. I am about as un tech savy as they come and I cannot get myself onto the internet.

When try open p chrome and try to access say netflix I get a screen that says "this web page is not available" when I click more it tells me that the server at netflix can't be found because the DNS lookup failed. When I try to access netflix using tor browser I get through no problem (I do not stream netflix using tor)

As suggested by the sites i have consulted ( using the internet at work ):

I tried to ping google using the domain name and got a timed out result

i tried to ping google using the ip and received favourable results

i tried to flush the DNS

i tried to reset the router

i tried to unplug the router

i tried to use static dns addresses (the open google ones)

nothing seems to work except when the shaw rep on the phone apparently disconnects my router on their end in which case I get Internet for about 20 mins and then I'm back to nothing.

IF any of this sounds familiar or like something you might be able to help me with I wold appreciate ANY help.