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TV packages available in Powell River

Question asked by eburden on Oct 29, 2013
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I've just moved to Powell River and am trying to figure out which packages are available at which price points. On the web site all of the TV packages mentioned show as "not available" to me.


A printout of the TV channels available here shows, Basic, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4, Digital Basic, Digital Music, Digital Specialty, Sports, Flicks, Movies Central, Encore Avenue, Super channel, HD basic, HD plus, Multicultural, French, Adult, World and Adventure.


I know Basic is $43.00 (which I think includes Basic cable and HD Basic.) Don't know if it includes Digital Basic...

I know HD Plus is $18.00

And I was just told on the phone Tier 1 is $14.00

But that's all I know.


Are all these "Tiers" individually priced or are some grouped?


On the web site there are no channel packages available in Powell River:

Personal TV — "Sorry, service not available."

Personal TV + Best of HD — "Sorry, service not available."

Premier TV + Best of HD — "Sorry, service not available."


And if I click on "Build your plan" there are no options under TV.


I Just got off the phone with a customer service person who was polite and who tried to be helpful. She emailed me a list of the TV channels available in Powell River. But there are no prices on anything. Just these are the channels you get.


I'd like to try and make an intelligent decision about my cable purchases but with no information it is difficult.