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Terrible Ping/Connection in Lethbridge AGAIN

Question asked by rodan on Oct 29, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by matt101

Hey shaw community,


I posted extensively back in July/August regarding the extremely inconsistent internet quality i was receiving upon moving from Vancouver to Lethbridge (in both places i was a Shaw customer, but the quality of service i received in Vancouver was WAY higher than here).


Anyway, the past week my internet has been, once again, noticeably bad. And once again, during specific times of the day (say 7pm-11pm).


And by bad, i mean unacceptable.


For example, my ping has been jumping from about 140-300 ALL NIGHT... which is atrocious. Like, completely unacceptable.


I usually get between 40-60, which is great.


But 140-300 ( i kid you not) for the last 3 hours is totally insane.


Plus, ive complained about this before LOTS.


Sure, its gotten better here and there, but on a whole, its not changing at all.


Can your company just spend the 1000$ and go split some nodes so your customers can enjoy a service that they are paying for?? Why is this even an issue?? Its incredibly frustrating and people should not have to deal with this.