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Erratic Download Speeds

Question asked by kaisergillies on Oct 30, 2013
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Recently we switched to Shaw's Broadband 50 internet and for the most part the service has been fine, aside from one very annoying and persistent issue: completely erratic download speeds.  To be more specific, whenever anyone begins downloading a file, regardless of what website from, the transfer generally starts off very slow (around 50-100 KB/s), then after about ten to twenty seconds speeds up moderately (to around 1-2 MB/s), then about half of the time completely freezes, at which point we're forced to pause and then unpause the download which results in the transfer suddenly shooting up to full speed (roughly 6 MB/s) and then generally remain at full speed until the download is finished.  As I already stated, this happens regardless of what website the file is being downloaded from.  I am connected directed (via ethernet cable) to the modem, and I have tried all the suggested solutions in the troubleshooting article for slow internet speeds (ie. resetting the modem, trying a different ethernet cable, rebooting into safe mode, using a different browser to download with, etc- I also tried connecting the modem to my laptop and tested downloading some files on that as well and found that the problem still persisted, so I know it's not my computer that's the issue here).  Strangely enough, if I run a speed test (either through Shaw's own speed test or my results are perfectly normal (ie. ping between 15-20ms, download around 48mbps, and upload at 2.9mbps- I should note that unlike our download speeds our upload speed never fluctuates).  Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you.