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Recurring Lag Spikes

Question asked by ejohn on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 8, 2013 by shaw-lance

A couple months back, I asked for help with my constant lag spikes. A person from Shaw tech came in and tried to fix the problem, even changing the old cables found nearby outside the house. It worked. For less than a half a day. I'm still getting these constant lag spikes almost everyday, making online gaming a horrible experience. Lag spikes hit a high of 1.5k ms - 1.6k ms atleast twice every minute. Resetting the modem would temporarily fix this problem, then returns a couple hours later.

The attached files are taken on a computer with only that one computer connected to the modem.

The first image was taken from a ping test on my IP, the second was on the IP gateway. I have also ran my anti-virus software to check for viruses on my computer numerous times and found none whatsoever.