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Is it normal for a new Gateway installation to repeatedly loose connection?

Question asked by lhait on Oct 31, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2013 by shaw-lance

Just recently got a new installation of Shaw Phone/TV/Internet bundle with a Gateway and 3 portals. Have not been able to watch a complete TV show or even record one without the picture freezing and connection being dropped by the Gateway (a 5102 error code). I have been told that the system has to "learn" and to be patient but this has been going on for three days now with no improvement so far. I have a Gateway Technician visit scheduled for Monday, Nov. 4 but would like to be able to at least watch some TV before then. I have also been told this could be a "cabling issue" but this is all new technician installed cables and connections. What is really going on? Is it normal for new subscribers to have absolutely terrible TV service for the first week?