Internet Shaw300 why not to upgrade.

Discussion created by ruthless on Sep 1, 2018
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I recently got Shaw 300 and what a disappointment it has been and unfortunately I signed a 2 year contract.

First I had to trade the Hitron model in for a Arris XB6 model so I could get the 300 mbps speeds.


My devices on the Shaw 150 Hitron model use to connect at 150 MBPS

My devices on the new Shaw 300 Arris XB6 connection connect at 60 MBPS and struggle to ever achieve even 100 MBPS and upload of only 15 mbps.


The only way I can get 300 is if I hardwire connect my laptop to the back of the router, and it only has 2 Ethernet ports.


The WIFI signal on Shaw 300 tends to drop and is very unstable and slow.  On my cell phone I use Wi-fi calling which use to give me a solid signal over wi-fi when my Telus signal would get weak inside my house. No whenever I'm on wi-fi calling, my call randomly drops because the Arris XB6 router for Shaw 300 provides an unstable connection.

Streaming quality is horrible, since the router glitches so much.


My Netflix movies buffer and go blurry, My Facetime/Skype calls get dropped, range goes from high to low and leaves your devices with no wifi connection and worst part is Shaw technical service who I have called a few times takes 90 minutes to get a hold of and they will blame your devices for all the problems and slow connections. They want to charge me a $100 installation fee, when the installation is so simple and I am tech savy to fix my problems. I know there is nothing wrong with my installation.


So while I pay way more, my connection on Shaw 300 is considerably slower, lower range and more unstable than my Shaw 150 connection was using the Hitron Modem.