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More spam recently?

Question asked by mbir on Sep 9, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2018 by mbir

I am starting to see a large amount of spam being sent to shaw e-mail addresses following a similar pattern including:


  • Subject follows a pattern of
    • a couple of numbers
    • a separator (hyphen or colon)
    • some text
  • e-mail contents seem to have some hidden HTML tags and generic text


Some are being identified as Spam by shaw filtering others have not.  I have forwarded the details per this document

How to report email spam by sending email headers | Shaw Support


The question I have is whether I really need to extract the headers out as if I forward the e-mail as an attachment it would include the headers.  I guess it depends if the process is automated or manual but wondered if forwarding helps without copying the headers.


As well, is there something that can be done about what appears to be this ongoing spam (and maybe beyond just the tagging)?