how can I free up a reserved IP address for use with another device

Discussion created by sparcker on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on May 15, 2019 by simonkslee

All of my devices have reserved IPs assigned via the modem/router web interface in the Arris XB6. That's fine until I want to delete a device and use the IP for another different device I plan to add to my network. Clicking the X to delete it from the "Offline Devices" list) only sends a COPY of the entry to the "Blocked Devices" list under the "Managed Devices" section, under Parental Control. If you go back to Offline Devices, the original entry is still there, but without the X to delete it! Deleting it from Managed Devices or editing the MAC or device name (which are options in the Manage Devices list) puts the X BACK into the Offline Devices list. I did a chat with Shaw support, but was told that "reserved IP is not supported by Shaw" even though it is supported by the hardware. Trying to delete a device from the "Online Devices" list presents a popup offering to move the item to the Blocked Devices list, which ultimately presents the same follow-on problems. My 7-year-old Linksys router has the ability to delete a "DeviceName/MAC/IP" combination; why is this modem/router so twitchy? Anyone have a solution that I've missed?