Shaw Internet 300 (150): disappointing

Discussion created by michael_carlione on Jan 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2019 by kombi

I expected to notice a substantial increase in my overall browsing experience jumping from 150>300 Mbps, but that's not the case. Although speedtest results show our speeds exceeding 300 Mbps, my upload speeds are still pathetic at 15-16 Mbps.


For comparison purposes, I took the same laptop, hardwired (RJ45) it to my friend's Telus router who's on Telus Fibre with 150/150 Mbps.


To my surprise, there's clearly a noticable difference in speeds with my browsing experience like surfing webpages compared to my Shaw 300/15. It's almost like night and day. 


If Shaw thinks the meager 15 Mbps upload is more than enough, my comment to them is: bye, I am switching to Telus!