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not receiving some emails

Question asked by reillywood on Apr 1, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2019 by shaw-tony

I have two email accounts.  I can receive an email from someone outside shaw on one address but not the other.  It doesn't show up in junk.  I don't have any rule that handles it automatically.  I don't appear to have this problem with any other email (but now I'm worried I might).  The sender doesn't appear to have this problem with any other recipient (but who knows, maybe that's where the problem lies).


Any suggestions on how to debug/resolve are greatly appreciated.




(edit1) P.S.  My config, if it matters:


1. I use a PC/mobile client to access my emails, via an IMAP setup

2. I have Thunderbird on two computers and Bluemail on my phone

3. I've checked all of them and don't find the "lost" email


(edit2) P.P.S I also checked the webmail client and no email there, either, so I guess its more likely that the problem is with the sender.